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Paulo de Frontin

In a large urban intervention in Rio, decided to build the High Engenheiro Freyssinet, much better known by locals as High Paulo de Frontin.

This high follows the entire route of Paulo de Frontin Avenue in the neighborhood of Long River, and a link to the Red Line Tunnel Rebouças. The construction of this flyover was one of the main factors that caused the devaluation of the neighborhood of Long River. Today is obligatory passage for those going to or around the Zona Sul

However the story is not just that high in glory - it happened one of the greatest tragedies in the history of Rio, now forgotten or unknown by many locals. On November 20, 1971, 112 meters from the high collapsed when he was nearing completion. A cement truck loaded with eight tons of concrete and stones flew over the span when it collapsed. The tragedy left 48 people dead and dozens injured.

The accident forced the reconstruction of the span and the structural reinforcement around the viaduct. Taking advantage of these interventions, the government of the former state of Guanabara decided to extend it for almost two thousand feet to the Campo de São Cristóvão, taking shape in the oldest part of the Red Line.

blocking Rua Haddock Lobo and the partial closure of the tunnel Rebouças, an enormous congestion paralyzed the city. The technology of construction of the viaduct was considered revolutionary at the time. Or because it is new or because it is the beginning of impunity that have plagued Rio and Brazil, have never been appointed responsible for the collapse. When reconstruction was completed the high, the government found it prudent to do a load test even more rigorous to reassure the population. He placed high in several trucks loaded. After the test was released to the overpass traffic and today is considered one of the most important of the River

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